Categories: General
      Date: Apr 29, 2013
     Title: Spinal Injuries Association

Spinal Injuries Association posters.

The Spinal Injuries Association has asked me to design a range of posters for the vocational support clinics it runs in the specialised spinal injury units around the country.

SIA is a charity that provides a wide range of support to people who have suffered spinal cord injuries. SIA is a totally user led organisation, the elected Trustees are all spinal cord injured and are voted for by the spinal cord injured membership.

SIA provide peer services where services are delivered by spinal cord injured people. One of these services is the employment clinics held at the specialist spinal units around the country. At the clinics, you can discuss your future education, employment or volunteering opportunities with dedicated employment specialists.

The purpose of the posters is to promote these clinics and encourage both in and out patients to get in touch and learn about the wide range of opportunities available to them.