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      Date: Jan  6, 2014
     Title: Shoreside Stables identity

Shoreside stables identity.

Shoreside Stables is a livery yard and feed shop located in a peaceful setting in Radcliffe, Manchester

The yard has been running for several years but has recently been taken over by new owners. The new owners are undertaking a large project that involves overhauling all the livery stables and shop. The aim of the new livery is provide horses with 5 star living quarters. With the overall goal of creating the type of yard that is more commonly seen in areas such as Cheshire and has very much a prestigious feel to it.

The finished identity will be used on signage, stationery and to start with a simple one page website. The latter will be expanded once the alterations to the yard have been completed.

To see the full project please go to:

image: Shoreside Stables identity