Categories: General
      Date: May  2, 2014
     Title: Logo for Camera Operator

Logo for Manchester based freelance camera operator

Greg Holt is a camera operator based in Manchester. He has recently taken the step of becoming a limited company and wanted to amalgamate all his different business interests under one identity.

His brief to me was simple, the face of a monkey perhaps placed on a circle and maybe some way of it linking it back to cameras and video. For this project the answer was definitely in the question, once I began looking at how we could distill a monkey style face down to an icon style image the answer presented itself.

Although a relatively small job it was great to be able to come up with a inventive solution that made people take a second look when they saw it, it was also great to have a client who was pleased with the final result:

"Thank you for your awesome work! It’s so hard to find genuine people like yourself, who can do a job to such a high standard without any quarrels or uncertainty."

image: Logo for Manchester based Freelance camera operator