Categories: General
      Date: Dec  7, 2011
     Title: Manchester and Salford Galleries

Manchester and Salford galleries

I've been commissioned to create an identity for a range of products that will be sold thoughout galleries in Manchester and Salford.

The combined collections across Manchester and Salford house 10.3 million objects and 63% of visitors to the collections are from the Manchester and Salford areas, with the other remaining 37% made up of uk tourists (30%) and tourists from overseas (7%).

Currently only 11% of visitors buy when they visit a museum or gallery in Manchester or Salford, that equates to 2.5 million visits where the visitor doesn’t purchase anything.

Therefore there is room for the galleries to increase the spend per visit and with this in mind the galleries in partnership with Cornflower Ltd are going to develop a range of greetings cards that will feature photographs of ‘Great Mancunians’ or ‘Mancunians who have done great things’. I will design the overall brand and identity is to tie this range together. Exciting stuff!