Simple ideas are often the best

Stay home now logo

Even in these weird times with COVID and Corona virus at the forefront of people’s minds. Simple ideas, using ‘wit’ or a clever concept to engage people is just as important as ever. The above campaign has been created by London agency St. Luke’s to clearly promote what we all need to be doing now to help protect the NHS. The ad simply reverses the recognisable NHS logo to say “SHN” – stay home now – with the accompanying copy: “Stay home now. Don’t send our NHS backwards. #StayHomeNow #StayHomeSavesLives”. It was created by Richard Denney and Al Young, following a Dr Jack interview on LBC Radio.

The hashtags #StayHomeNow #StayHomeSaveLives @NHSuk #NHSCovidHeroes can be followed online.

The brilliance of taking something and simply re-appropriating it and changing it in such as way that it is still recognisable is not to be underestimated. Leaving something for the viewer to work out makes the logo / device memorable and engaging. Therefore making the campaign more noticeable and prominent – here I am writing about it now! By creating a device that users ‘interact’ with you can make a lasting impression and hopefully greater impact.

You can read more about the campaign here: The campaign has been created as a social media friendly call to arms and to promote the behaviour change that is so vital at the moment. You can retweet / share links to the campaign wherever you see them online and and you can also download and use the assets online from a link they have provided on their blog here: There are moving as well as static assets that can be shared.

This is a great idea for a symbol / logo device that sums up the fairly easy task we need to undertake and who we are doing it for.